Batterie al litio Sterling PBES


The SPBES liquid cooled Titanate 3.5kWh, NMC Power 6.5kWh and NMC Energy 8.8kWh batteries are modular, stackable and use the highest quality and performing lithium ion cells available. These cells are designed and engineered to provide years of performance in the most demanding marine applications.


The Battery Management Software (BMS) optimizes lifespan, vessel fuel efficiency and safety while providing an integrated platform to enable systems that network together. The BMS ensures operators and installation safety, system isolation, oversees the state of health of each cell and monitors charge/discharge profile.


The modules are connected in series to achieve system voltage, and parallel strings are added together to meet the total required system capacity. The system’s integrated enclosure meets requirements for battery room standards and may be installed in any location on a vessel.


CellSwap™ is a retrofit process to rebuild the inside of a battery onboard a vessel. The cells in the core of the battery can be replaced when nearing end of life. Other items, such as electronics and racking, are reused. There is no need for costly refit of existing hardware, only the consumable parts such as the cells are replaced.

Sterling PlanB designs and manufactures high power lithium-ion energy storage. Comprised of the most experienced team in the sector, they are focused on providing value and safety for industrial, marine and grid energy storage applications.