Batterie raffreddate a liquido

SPBES uses the highest quality, highest performing lithium ion cells available. These cells are designed and engineered to provide years of performance in the most demanding industrial applications. Depending on a customers application, one of three types of cells may be specified for use: NMC Power, NMC Energy or high cycle LTO Titanate.


Nickel Manganese Cobalt cells offer a great balance of power and energy with high reliability ,safety and lower total cost of ownership:

• High energy and high power cells
• Fast charge and discharge capability
• Long cycle life


Lithium Titanate Oxide cells offer reliability, safety, longer life and fast charge capability:

• Ultra fast charge and discharge capability
• Extremely long cycle life
• Wide operating range (-30°C to +60°C)
• Lower cell voltage and increased cost

  • Power 65 (P65):

SPBES specifies marine rated NMC power cells to provide huge discharge currents with very little impedance and very long lifespan. Typically used in high power machine start applications like DP thrusters or cranes, the SPBES power battery is designed to thrive at the highest power levels.

  • Energy 88 (E88):

It has been designed for applications requiring lower discharge rates and greater energy density. A decrease in cost and weight provides the end user with a faster path to ROI and decreased footprint and weight.

  • Titanate 35 (T35):

T35 is the flagship lithium battery from SPBES. Designed for ultra high discharge rates and extreme cycle life, the T35 is the ultimate powerhouse for your industrial application. SPBES Titanate cells make a battery that is ideally suited to stationary or extreme long cycle life type applications.


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