Our passerelles are a real eye-catcher, the luxurious “front door” of a yacht.

Our telescopic passerelles offer you safety and peace of mind when you step aboard your yacht. A real eye-catcher – the “front door” for you to extend a warm “welcome aboard” to your family and guests. Feebe’s passerelles are stored in an aluminum box concealed in the yacht at a location of your choosing. This could be at the stern of the yacht, or also on the port or starboard sides. The hydraulically powered passerelle can be raised and lowered, and also made pivotable for optimal connection to docks and jetties. This lets you moor in any situation.

A yacht-quality passerelle

A 230/400 VAC or 24 VDC autonomous hydraulic power unit can be built into the aluminum box. The control panel is installed at the stern, for a clear view of the shore. As an option, a radio remote control is also available for the passerelle. The structure of the Luxury passerelle is made from stainless steel in yacht-quality finish, as you should expect from a proper Dutch product. The passerelle can be spray-painted in the style of the yacht. This rounds out the picture nicely.

Top-quality custom products

The removable railing with high-gloss polish is installed on the outside of the passerelle to maximise the walkway width for additional comfort and safety. Naturally we may also discuss other options for railings. The deck of the passerelle is made from teak, but is also available in any desired material or alternative. As an option, special Feebe LED strip lighting can be installed on the passerelle deck. The bottom of the passerelle is completely closed, so it looks impressive from all angles. This also makes for a passerelle that is easy to maintain and clean. Feebe’s passerelles can be fully tailored to your desires in every possible way. Feebe always provides custom products, ensuring absolute top quality.

Further information on passerelles by Feebe

Would you like to learn more about passerelles by Feebe Boarding Equipment? More information about all the available design options? If so, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to provide you with further assistance and answer any questions you may have.