Giri fissi (50-60Hz)

Zenoro generators for superyachts are dedicated to delivering reliable power on board luxury yachts. We manufacture the Zenoro premium generators in the range from 55 ekW/50 Hz up to 760 ekW/60 Hz.


  • Low noise performance because of advanced 3D mapping of our sound enclosures.
  • Customisation with use of modular designs. Our standard generator sets come with an extensive list of options. We can modify each standard package into a tailored alternative .
  • In our standard build, we use A-brand components such as Stamford alternators and CoMap controllers, which ensures reliability to the end user and availablility of spare parts.
  • Criteria for design and component selection include reliability, long service life, and ease of installation, ease of maintenance as well as aesthetics and modern materials.
  • Extensive experience with many classification authorities as ABS, Lloyds, BV, PRS. When required we can perform an eye witness factory acceptance test.

Premium marine generators for new yachts:

Owners commissioning a new yacht want to work with the best. From architect to shipyard, all those involved in a new build require ultimate performance from suppliers, technologies and materials. Our breadth of experience and power of innovation have proven time and again to be a solid foundation for a successful project.

New marine generators for refit:

Even the best marine generators do not last forever. Temperature, vibration and maritime conditions all have their impact, even though this may not be visible. A refit project is the perfect moment, not just to replace worn-out components, but also to calibrate performance  according to the owner’s specs. A yacht’s crew knows better than anyone whether the generator still meets the owner’s needs. The secret behind the many successful refits we have done ? Smooth project planning and effective communication, tailored to the clients and based on our extensive experience and knowledge.

Silent enclosures, customised design and high-end components:

Zenoro designs generators with access for maintenance, allowing maintenance engineers the space they need to work.
What is inside, needs not to been seen from the outside. Appearance is part of the yachting world. Zenoro enclosures are characterized by superb finishing. Smooth surfaces, finished in every colour.
High-end components and smart design achieve excellent reliability. A Zenoro marine generator is the silent beating heart of all comfort, security and reliability aboard the finest yachts in the world.

Remote monitoring system:

This advanced solution enables long distance monitoring and diagnosing, minimising downtime and providing advice in preventive maintenance.

Zenoro Remote Diagnostics is an intelligent service solution that combines operating data from engine and generator and our expertise, in order to provide our customers remote operation support for troubleshooting.

The engine controller communicates via the CAN bus II to the ECU of the diesel engine. The engine controller is connected with the ships panel via Modbus. The internet bridge is connected with CAN bus II. As an option we can supply regular reports to optimise service.

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