A deck crane…, essential on a superyacht.

A deck crane is indispensable on a yacht, for essential jobs such as loading materials, jet skis, dinghies and provisions aboard. Feebe makes its deck cranes in both telescopic and folding designs. Articulated boom designs are also possible. The range of the deck crane is entirely dependent on your needs and its location. As an option, the crane can be fitted with a 230/400 VAC or 24 VDC power unit, possibly integrated into the crane base. Feebe deck cranes feature 360° hydraulic rotation for handling comfort in all situations and at all times. Safety always comes first…, the crew can use a remote control to operate the crane from the safest possible location.

Deck crane location

Deck cranes are typically installed above deck, with the base arm in view. For this reason, the design of a Feebe deck crane is a key part of the construction process. The deck crane must fit in with the style of the yacht, or be designed according to the client’s desires. Feebe has shown that a deck crane can serve as both a technological masterpiece and an elegant component of the yacht. The crane is made from stainless steel and plastered or sprayed in the desired colour.

An overhead crane is a particularly functional lifting solution.

An overhead crane is a highly functional hoisting solution aboard a yacht. An overhead crane is an extendable/retractable crane with a boom that can pass through an opening in the hull of the yacht. The boom features an attached lifting point to which the tender and other items can be secured. Feebe overhead cranes can be powered in two ways: with a hydraulic drive or with an electric drive.

Always custom built

Feebe custom builds its overhead cranes. The design stage always focuses on the intended use and purpose of the crane. This will influence its capacity, power and structure. The construction of an overhead crane is typically incorporated into the design and production. Specifications related to design, dimensions and lifting power are submitted in advance, or Feebe will offer recommendations. The overhead crane can be controlled from a panel or radio remote control, or a combination of these two options. Another option here is to interface with the mechanism that opens the door(s).

Further information on cranes by Feebe

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