New builds


The Italian market, as is well known, is the most important market in the world for the construction of Superyachts. The Shipyards in the first places of the classifications – annually released – of the new orders received and of the boats currently under construction are Italian. Approximately, about 50% of the Superyachts existing today in the world were built in Italy. In this context, it is clear that the potential of the Italian market for the supply of products for new installations is huge.

Our services

For new builds, the services we offer to our Partners are as follows:

  • Support for the identification of the most suitable product, with reference to the data on the vessel supplied to us;
  • Assistance during the engineering phase, which is specific for each individual job;
  • Technical support during the installation of products on board, if necessary;
  • Commissioning of the systems – after their installation on board – through our specialized technicians, or alongside the technicians of our Partners;
  • In general, maximum support and collaboration during all phases of the projects, from the beginning of the negotiation until the completion of the commissioning of the systems on board.

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