Zenoro generators

Fix speed generators (50-60 Hz)

The range of Zenoro fix speed generators is from 55 kWe (50 Hz) up to 760 kWe (60 Hz). The engines are John Deere, Scania and MAN, depending on the power. The alternators are Stamford or Leroy Somer and the control panels are ComAp.

Variable speed generators

Following the growing demand from the market for diesel-electric and hybrid solutions, Zenoro has developed a range - completely customized, depending on the needs - of variable speed generators. Dual speed models are also available.

Integrated after-treatment

Zenoro, in partnership with Xeamos, has developed an integrated solution consisting of generators and exhaust gas after-treatment systems. The certification of the whole system is performed at the factory, during a joint witnessed test.

Zenoro generators are designed and built in The Netherlands. The products and services offered by Zenoro are aimed at customer satisfaction, so the customization is a very important feature of the brand. The range of Zenoro generators is from 55 kWe (50Hz) to 760 kWe (60Hz). Dual speed and variable speed generators are also available, more and more required for hybrid and diesel-electric propulsion applications. Zenoro – in partnership with Xeamos – also provides exhaust after-treatment systems, providing customers with an integrated system.