The Refit market has been growing rapidly in the last years, especially as a result of the contraction suffered by the new builds market after the financial crisis of recent years. In some cases, the required jobs are related to the supply of products in place of others already installed on board, which have now become obsolete. In other cases, however, required jobs are related to the supply of products that had not been installed on board originally, especially in case of stabilizers and exhaust after-treatment systems.

Our services

For the Refit market, the services we offer to our Partners are as follows:

  • On-board inspections for verification of feasibility, execution of tests and various measurements (dimensions, temperatures, pressures, etc.);
  • Customizations, as far as possible, in order to propose the best solution according to the layout of the machine room or of area where the system is to be installed;
  • Support, if required, during on-board installation;
  • Commissioning of the systems – after their installation on board – through our specialized technicians, or alongside the technicians of our Partners;
  • In general, maximum support and collaboration during all phases of the projects, from the initial feasibility checks until the completion of the commissioning of the systems on board.

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