OMS tunnel thrusters

OYS tunnel thrusters are electrically or hydraulically driven and have double counter-rotating propellers. The tunnel is available in different materials (steel, aluminum, fiberglass or composite materials) and for all certifications.

OMS vertical thrusters

OYS vertical retractable thrusters are suitable for use on sailing boats, as they do not generate any resistance during navigation. The ``up & down`` movement and the propellers rotation are available with electric or hydraulic drive.

OMS swing thrusters

OYS swing retractable thrusters are very useful for installation on sailing boats as they do not generate any resistance during navigation. They are often used as stern thruster, especially in larger boats, for both sailboats and motorboats.

Ocean Marine Systems (OMS) offers a complete range of bow & stern thrusters, both electric and hydraulic, for boats from 20 to 120 meters. OMS thrusters are a quality product, designed and built in UK and supplied to the main shipyard builders of Superyachts all over the world. The great experience and know-how gained over several years of activity, allow OMS to study solutions also for boats with “dynamic positioning” and for the supply of extremely light-weight composite and titanium elements for the high performance yachts market. Several thrusters models are available, with standard tunnel and retractable systems (vertical and swing).

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