Xeamos after-treatment systems

Zero Soot systems (electrical)

The Zero Soot systems by Xeamos allow the owner and his guests to have greater comfort on board by holding the particulates from the exhaust gases of the engines, especially when the boat is at anchor with the generators running.

Zero Soot systems (fuel)

The Zero Soot systems by Xeamos are regenerated automatically, when required, by the injection of fuel in the exhaust line of the engines, instead than by operating an electric heater as for the smaller generators.

Zero NOx systems (IMO Tier III)

The Zero NOx systems developed by Xeamos allow to comply with the recent regulations concerning the reduction of NOx in the exhaust gases of the engines, especially for propulsion engines during navigation.

Dual after-treatment systems

Xeamos has developed ``Dual`` after-treatment systems consisting, in a single body, of a Zero Soot system (with electric heater or fuel burner) and a ``SCR`` catalyst, to be able to offer a solution for complete environmental protection.

Xeamos R&D department, based in The Netherlands, has started in the past the development of exhaust after-treatment systems for marine applications. Considering the high levels of particulate matters at the exhaust of diesel engines – especially for generators when the yacht is at anchor – and the recent regulations (IMO Tier III) aimed at reducing NOx at the exhaust – especially for propulsion engines during navigation – exhaust after-treatment systems are a very current topic and Xeamos offers a complete and quality package of solutions for both generators and propulsion engines. The range of Xeamos products includes diesel particulate filters (DPF), both electric and with fuel burner, catalysts (SCR) for IMO Tier III and also Dual systems, which include both DPF and SCR in the same housing.

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