Quantum’s team of marine engineers, naval architects and hydraulic system designers understood that a motion control solution for low speed stabilization required a paradigm shift from the traditional fin stabilizer working principle for design and active stabilizer technology.  As world leaders in motion control, Quantum takes pride in finding innovative solutions to hydraulic stabilizer challenges.  Based on the Magnus Effect, Quantum’s patented MAGLift™ design uses hydraulic power to deploy and rotate composite cylinders directed by the SMC 4000 stabilizer control unit.  This advanced technology provides roll reduction at anchor, and at lower speeds.

The MAGLift rotor stabilizer is fully retractable to eliminate drag for higher speeds making it superior to traditional fin stabilizers. The combined swinging and spinning of the rotor result in hydrodynamic forces that stabilize the vessel while it is at Zero Speed™ as well. During underway operations, the rotor is deployed to a set position, and the righting force direction is altered by simply changing the direction of rotor spin. In addition, the MAGLift™ rotor stabilizer has the highest lift to weight characteristics and the smallest interior footprint.

After several years of numerical analysis and tank testing, Quantum installed the first MAGLift™ Rotor System in 2004, applying the Magnus Effect to generate  lift proportional to the speed and direction of rotation. To date, several systems have been installed on a variety of military vessels and large yachts ranging in length from 24.3 meters (80 feet) to over 162 meters (525 feet). The use of this technology increases the performance envelope of the vessel and the crew when considerable time in station-keeping or slow patrol speed modes are required.

Benefits of MAGlift™ rotary ship stabilizers:

  • High damping (also at low speed)
  • Ability to deliver roll stabilization at relatively low vessel speeds (3–18 knots) based upon vessel specifications
  • Compact and easy installation
  • Increased safety and comfort for crew
  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • High lift to footprint capacity compared to fin stabilization
  • Underway “Fully Retractable” system
  • Reduced “Haul-Outs” for vessels when using the underway “Fully Retractable” system
  • System redundancy (each rotor can work independently)
  • Reduction in appendage drag at high-speeds utilizing semi- retractable or fully-retractable system

Quantum technical specification

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