Variable speed generators

Hybrid technology:

Zenoro offers state of the art heavy duty hybrid generator sets up to 750 ekW DC for both propulsion and/or onboard power demand. Generator sets configurations are possible with fixed speed, dual speed or variable speed settings.

Zenoro, a great choice for reliable, quiet, fuel efficient, clean and very compact hybrid generator sets, all customised and configured for your superyacht to enable an optimum engine room layout. Our modular sound enclosure can easily be adapted for any hybrid variant. All the regular options of our generator sets are available to meet any requirement.

Each generator set is built up with a permanent magnet alternator which is water cooled and highly efficient. A water cooled inverter is integrated in the design of the generator set to convert variable AC to DC power. This allows an easy integration connection with your 750 VDC bus bar systems. Our hybrid generator sets are always factory load tested and optional classified by all classification societies as Lloyds, ABS, BV, GL-DNV & other.

Consultancy and pre-engineering:

Various hybrid configurations can be calculated up front on fuel efficiency towards project requirements. Together with preferred high quality component suppliers we provide optimum hardware combinations for diesel engine and alternator.