Zero Soot systems (fuel)

  • Air supply pump
  • Safety bypass valve
  • Advanced controller
  • Compact design
  • Zero soot
  • Lloyd’s Register approved

Our Fuel burner Zero Soot System offers reliable reduction of harmful emissions of your auxiliary diesel engine under all circumstances. Your generators will be clean, without soot! The particle filters collect the soot particles from the exhaust stream. A base metal catalytic coating suitable for potentially sulphur containing fuels, minimises the regeneration temperature and reduces Hydro Carbons and Carbon Monoxide.

All Zero Soot Systems have a compact design and an included air pump as well as an active regeneration fuel burner system. A bypass valve ensures a 100% engine availability. Apart from the standard design, we also provide other bespoke options such as a different coating, NOx sensor, remote access via LAN and a harbour mode for optimized reduction of HC (diesel smell). Download the product sheet to see all the specifications or contact us to know more.