Quantum stabilizers

XT™ extendable fins

The XT™ extendable fins are a system patented by Quantum and allow excellent performance at Zero Speed, thanks to an internal part of the fins that is extended when the boat is at anchor, increasing the total surface of the fins.

Standard fins

Quantum has been the first manufacturer of stabilizers to build systems that reduce the roll of boats at anchor (Zero Speed) as well as during navigation, for Superyachts but also for military and commercial vessels.


Dyna-Foil™, introduced recently by Quantum, is a fully retractable system and is the most innovative and technologically advanced stabilizer system today available in the world, both at Zero Speed and during navigation at sea.


MAGLift™ is a retractable, patented, system based on the Magnus effect and offers high performance at Zero Speed and during navigation, through the movement and rotation of a cylindrical part. Performance at low speeds are excellent.

Since 1985, Quantum has developed the most advanced technologies in the world for the stabilization of boats, for Superyachts, but also for commercial and military applications. Quantum stabilizers are now recognized as a product of excellent design and quality in production, as well as reliability for operation. The commitment to support customers all over the world and the excellence of the after-sales service, have contributed to consolidate the reputation of Quantum, now recognized at the highest levels by all operators in the market. Over the years, the R&D department of Quantum has always continued to study and implement new products and innovative solutions, aimed at improving performance and comfort on board.

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